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You do not have to undergo the gruesome long process to secure a loan

With a logbook loan, the outcome of your loan application is revealed within minutes. This saves you the unnecessary long periods of waiting to know if your loan has been approved for days which may lead to further disappointments if your loan is not approved.

Get cash in just 24 hours

If you need fast cash, then logbook loans are ideal for you. You get your loan approval in just minutes and within 24 hours your loan is availed to you. It cannot get easier than that. Now you do not have to worry about meeting your financial obligations you are assured that with a logbook loan from The Logbook Money People your loan will be availed to you just in time.

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What is used to asses my loan limit with logbook domain 81?

The maximum loan one qualifies for will depend on the present value of the car that the loan will be taken out against as well as the income of the loan applicant. Prestigious and vintage cars are however gauged differently and one could qualify for more loan amounts

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What do you need to provide in order to be considered for the loan?

When applying for a logbook loan, one is assessed based on

  • Ability to pay back the loan

  • The present condition of the vehicle that the loan is taken out against

  • Their personal identification details of the loan and proof that they are over 22 years of age

  • The provision of the logbook.

  • The permanent address of the loan applicant should also be provided.

The loan application process

In order to apply for a loan with The Logbook Money People one has to submit their duly filled application form which can be obtained here. The form should be sent via email with copies of the indicated documents. The list of the documents can be found here The underwriter will then contact the loan applicant within thirty minutes notifying them of their loan application status.


Our Happy Clients

  • With The Logbook Money People I qualified for more loan than I would elsewhere. I am glad I took the bold step to talk to them.

    - Myra Adams
  • The Logbook Money People has an impressive team of staff who are friendly yet very professional. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a logbook loan

    - Diane Stuart
  • The service delivery is very efficient and effective and one does not have to stay longer than they are expected to for a service. I am happy I visited The Logbook Money People

    - Katelyn O’brian
  • Their expeditious loan availing process is simply remarkable. The best part is that you can acquire the loan from the comfort of your own home

    - Nicholas Peterson

What type of loans do we offer you?

The Logbook Money People is proud to offer you logbook loans for your all purpose needs. Some of the loans we have offered include but are not limited to

logbook loans
  • Debt repayments

  • Home renovations and decorations

  • Unexpected cash expenses

  • Emergency loans

  • Fundamental purchases

  • Business growth and expansion loans

Do you need your credit scores to secure a loan with us?

The Logbook Money People is proud to not discriminate anyone when it comes to securing a loan with us. We accept those who have bad credit history, filed for bankruptcy and those who are self employed as well.